PROFI Elektro
Stoziar Meraci pristroj Svietidla Hala Trafo

Company Profile

PROFI Elektro s.r.o. was established in 2005. Promoters and co-owners are Ing. Vladimír Benčo (Director, Co-owner) and Ing. Milan Šindler (Director, Co-owner). Firm has been active 15 years in Slovak and Central European markets and is involved in a range of activities see Business Register.


We have exclusive support agreements with the following three companies:

VM Elektro Zlín - Czech Republic
VYSTO KOBYLÍ - Czech Republic

Since 2007 we have maintained memberships in the following associations:
Slovak electro-technical industry
ETALUX - Association of manufacturers and sippliers of lighting technology
CONNEXIO - certified/qualified suppliers of electrical goods

We closely cooperate with Agency for Metrology of Measurements of Lighting, with the Office of Public Health of Slovak Republic concerning measurement of illumination level of artifcial lighting.

All work is performed in accordance with standard ISO STN EN 9001:2001 under the auspices of the Technical Inspection of SR and Standard - Team s.r.o., for obtaining Quality Management Systems.

This company and its employees are insured with Czech Insurance - Slovakia ( GENERALI Slovakia)