PROFI Elektro
Stoziar Meraci pristroj Svietidla Hala Trafo


VM elektro, CZ
  • Production of fluorescent and discharge lighting
  • Illumination of idustrial and agricultural areas, production hall with fluorescent lighting with higher levels of insulation of IP54 and IP65
  • Illumination of offices and public premises, hall and residences with fluorescent lighting with insulation levels of IP20
  • Illumination of external roads with small, avarage and higher flow of traffic with discharge lighting with insulation levels of IP23 and IP65
  • Sale of all assorted lighting products, spare parts and lighting components
  • Professional and consulting service for all illumination projects
  • Sale of distribution transformer stations and transformers up to 22kV

  • Production of galvanized zinc finish poles and outriggers for public illumination
  • Production of poles for signal lights
  • Production of decorative poles
  • Production of poles for roads signs
  • Production of railways poles
  • Sale of light poles accessories, terminal boards and distribution boards

  • Production of light sources with extre-long life
  • Aura Long Life Lights are developed and based under cathode tube patent. This patent offers unique fluorescent tube with exceptional long service life which includes protection against overhating
  • Duration of lights sources is up to 80.000 hours
  • Aura offers you the lowest possible operation costs. This will allow you to realize higher savings in the areas of high ceilings, with limited access to light source, or where light source replacement would result in production stoppages
  • Aura guarantees optimal control over operating costs and improves planning of group replacement